Discover West African culture from WESTERN DREAMS HOTEL Abuja. Set in the heart of Nigeria’s capital city, this hotel is close to exciting Abuja attractions. Play a round of relaxing golf just right in front of you at the Abuja golf course or IBB International Golf and Country Club. Stroll through Abuja’s large Millennium Park and admire picturesque gardens. Take a day trip to Nigeria’s breathtaking Gurara Waterfalls, situated just an hour outside Abuja Surround yourself with amazing scenery, rock formations, beautiful evergreen trees, rivers and waterfalls.

Visit Abuja’s spectacular natural attraction Aso Rock and Zuma Rock – impressive natural formations marking the boundaries of the city. Mingle with a wide array of exotic creatures at Abuja Zoological Garden and discover Abuja’s bustling city center Wonderland.
Shop fashion boutiques, catch a movie and grab a bite in the one-stop entertainment zone at Silver bird Entertainment Centre. Other attractions are:

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